The Holy Trinity Church of England Secondary School

Chaplaincy - Information



My name is Mrs Horrocks, and I have been seconded to spend half my time working in Learning Support, and half my time working within the school community; to explore what chaplaincy might look like at Holy Trinity.  This is something new and exciting for us, and we hope students, staff and families will be involved with us throughout the year. 

As you are aware, we are a Church of England school.  The chaplaincy is open to everyone, whether you have a religious faith, whether you don’t have a religious faith, or whether you are somewhere in between.  I am very much rooted in my own faith as a Christian, but it is important that the chaplain is there for everybody.  Our hope is that the chaplaincy will grow in to a really positive part of our school, developing links with the wider community, and providing a space where we can grow in wisdom, dignity and hope. 

As well as being involved in running a variety of events throughout the year and working with some of the incredible groups who are already involved in the life of our school, I am looking forward to being available to meet and support students, staff and families throughout the year.

To read more about what is going on at Holy Trinity on a weekly basis with Chaplaincy and faith please see The FISH which is your weekly Chaplaincy newsletter. To find all editions of the FISH please click here. Alternatively you can find them under the Christian Distinctiveness menu on the website.

Welcome to Our Chapel!


Welcome to our Chapela sacred space in a busy place.  We know that school life can be very full-on.  We invite all members of our school community to use the chapel as a space to come and stop for a while.  We are here for you if you need to talk, or if you need a place to simply be still.  Whether you have a religious faith or not, or whether you are somewhere in between, you are welcome to come in and use the space as you need to.