The Holy Trinity Church of England Secondary School

Year 11 GCSE Information 2019/20

The Year 11 Pre-Public Exams December 2019 subjects timetable can be accessed HERE. 

Year 11 Subject Revision Support Sessions - January to May 2020- click HERE to view the full schedule. (When published.)

The full exam timetable for Summer 2020 can be viewed HERE.  (GCSE Exams in bold). {When published.}

Mon 2nd to Fri 13th Dec - Pre Public Exams

Mon 16th to Fri 20th March 2020 - 2nd Pre Public Exams (English, Maths, Science & RS)

11th May to 23rd June - GCSE/External Exams

See below for further informative links.

For "If Only" exam tips for English Language/Literature click HERE.

For the NCS presentation on Memory and Resilience click HERE.

For 'Ways to Revise - Revision Tools' - click HERE and HERE.

For 'Eating Well to Relieve Stress - Information for Parents' click HERE.

For 'Beat Exam Stress' Tips click HERE.  

For - Free online support for young people click HERE. (To view a detailed presentation about Kooth click here.)

For a 'Coaching Manual' suitable for Parents & Pupils of all ages - but especially relevant to those coming up to their final Exams - click HERE.

Year 11 Maths Revision:-  For Maths revision tips click HERE.

For Revision pack Foundation click HERE.

For Revision pack Foundation Mark scheme click HERE.

For Revision pack Higher click HERE.

For Revision pack Higher Mark scheme click HERE