The Holy Trinity Church of England Secondary School

Gideons Society Visit

On Monday 31st January, we were delighted to welcome Graham & Frances from the Gideons Society, or, as it is now called, Good News for Everyone, who came to speak at our Year 7 assembly. Graham has been a regular visitor over the years, and it was a real pleasure to see him and his colleague Frances back in school after the hiatus that the pandemic inevitably created. 

Graham and Frances delivered a lively presentation and then offered copies of the New Testament to our Year 7 students. For many years, students at Holy Trinity have been offered a ‘New Testament and Psalms’. This little red book, part of the Christian Scriptures, has been accepted by many of our youngsters regardless of their faith or lack of faith.  At different times in life, they have turned to it and found it to be a source of advice and help, comfort and hope.